DutchyCorp AutoFaucets
                          NEW :Dutchy Shortener (FaucetHub Payment available with 9 coins)            UPDATE 2.7 (5th January) : NEWDutchy Manyclaims 2sec AutoFaucet !-->            POWER HOURS ( REWARD x2 ) on 2 of Dutchy Faucets each monday from 7 to 10 PM UTC !             IMPORTANT: This website is currently under development. If you have any bugs or you meet any problems using the site then please send a PM to Dutchybeatz! Thank you for using our faucet!                         
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Faucet: of the week

Crypto TRX Faucet
Awesome Twitch TRON faucet !

No Shortlinks, Captchas or Pop up !
Just an enhanced Twitch Live !

A lot of Features :
Flips, Quizz, Games, Lottery & more !

enter "!affiliate dutchybeatz"
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DutchyCorp AutoFaucets  

Properties of our Auto-faucets

  1. After starting the faucet you need to keep open the page in order to receive coins. If you close it the faucet will stop sending you any coins.
  2. Thereʼs no Captcha to claim from this faucet, making it the least labor intensive faucet.
  3. On NoTimer AutoFaucets, Once you click on the Claim button and complete the shortlink, faucets will start , & the Autofaucet won't stop before 8 hours !
  4. On HighPaying AutoFaucets, Once you click on the Claim button and complete the short-link, you will be allocated many Auto claims, the Auto faucet will stop sending you coins after some claims. To recharge your auto-claims you have to complete Shortlinks


  1. You should bookmark this page but never bookmark the auto-claim page, otherwise, you may be banned. If you get banned by mistakes, please contact us.
  2. Don't use any script or external tool to cheat us, our intelligent tool may detect you and may ban.
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Faucet: of the week

Great Multicoin faucet
16 Coins Availables!
Loyalty, Leveling & Mining System

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