DutchyCorp Auto Faucet #2
                          NEW :Our 2nd DutchyShort (10 views/IP) (FaucetHub Payment available with 9 coins)            UPDATE 2.81 (28th Febuary) : :Server, SEO & Page Speed Update           POWER HOURS ( REWARD x2 ) on a Dutchy Faucet each Week ! ( Currently on DutchyCorp PPC Faucet )             IMPORTANT: This website is currently under development. If you have any bugs or you meet any problems using the site then please send a PM to Dutchybeatz! Thank you for using our faucet!                         
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All you have to do is select a currency and enter your address below.
Once you click "Start claiming" you will begin receiving free Coins to your Faucethub

Properties of this auto-faucet

  1. After starting the faucet you need to keep open the page in order to receive coins. If you close it the faucet will stop sending you any coins.
  2. There's no timers or Captchas (apart from the one on this page & a Linkshrink redirection each 6 hours) (apart from the one on this page & a Linkshrink redirection each 6 hours); this is one of the leakiest faucets out there!

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DutchyCorp Highest Paying Autofaucet

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